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How does kiss your cravings goodbye® work?

Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye® is a Behave-Aid® or a behavior modification tool. Using it changes the methodology of cravings by adding the physical activity of applying the lip gloss. This will temporarily shift focus away from snacking and help modify behavior by replacing the urge with a tangible action. Once KYCG is applied, the essential oils freshen your breath, moisten your lips, while slightly drying your mouth. You will then realize you are thirsty – take a sip of water and voila, your cravings are gone!


Are my lips suppose to tingle when using kiss your cravings goodbye®?

Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye® is made from all-natural high grade essential oils and raw materials, like cinnamon and lemon balm, which can make your lips tingle. It will also help freshen your breath!


Can both men and women use kiss your cravings goodbye®?

Yes! Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye® is a lip moisturizer that has no shine or color. KYCG absorbs quickly to leave your lips soft, nourished. FOr women it can be used under or over lip glosses and lip sticks.


is kiss your cravings goodbye® an appetite suppressant?

No, Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye® is a tool to help keep you more mindful about what you're eating. It is not an appetite suppressant that will stop hunger, yet it will help you better recognize your body's signal for thirst which is often confused with hunger or a craving.


is kiss your cravings goodbye® made with all-natural products?

Yes, Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye® is a natural blend of essential oils, carefully formulated by the world's top chemists. You can find the key ingredient list here.


How many times and when should kiss your cravings goodbye® be applied?

There is no limit to how often Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye® can be applied. In facet, the more consistently it is used the more effective it is! There are approximately 140 applications per tube. Most of our customers rely on KYCG during common snacking times like 10 am, 3 pm and 9 pm or after a meal.


How does it dry my mouth but keep my lips moist at the same time?

Thanks to years of research and our secret formulation of ingredients, we developed Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye® to condition the lips and freshen breath, while simultaneously inducing thirst. It is designed to be effective and not irritating.


Is it sugar-free?

Yes. There are no added sugars; only natural oils and extracts.


Is it safe?

Yes. We recommend this product for people 18 and older. If you have food allergies or medical dietary restrictions, please contact your medical professional to discuss the ingredients.



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