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How it Works

Our product was created as a "Behave-Aid,"or behavior modification tool, to help you redirect your mind away from junk food, and focus instead on hydration. You can beat the intense cravings for junk food, sugar, salt and fat - and we're here to help!

Applying the proprietary blend of high-grade essential oils and plant extracts will temporarily shift focus away from snacking.

Formulated with a proprietary blend of essential oils, rare plant extracts and lip conditioning agents to both curb your lust for junk food and leave your lips smooth & hydrated.

We add the physical activity of applying lip moisturizer; this temporarily shifts focus away from snacking and help modify behavior by replacing the urge with a tangible action.

Working the moment you apply it, the moisturizer hydrates your lips and makes you thirsty redirecting your impulse to drink water instead of reaching for junk food.

The Lip Sensation for

Tricking Temptation

Don't just take it from us!

  • "“It really did make me stop and think about my food choices: Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye was the tool I needed to cut my sugar fix.”"

  • "“Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye helped me to stop mindlessly snacking by having to stop to apply the lip gloss and then drinking more water. THANK YOU!”"

  • "“Since using KYCG, I'm no longer embarrassed to let someone see my trash can. It used to be filled with little chocolate wrappers.”"

  • ""I’ve tried so many products to curb my crazy appetite so I was skeptical! I was so surprised when I tried it that it really did what it said! I’ve been using it for a week now and I see real results! I’m sold! Getting more for sure!""

  • "This product satisfies my urge for something sweet with an alternative sensation. Definitely works as directed. Drinking water after using the gloss helps keep me hydrated!"

  • "It makes my lips feel fresh and everything I apply it I’m consciously making a choice to try to curb my cravings — I am big on snacking and this helps me shift my focus to drinking a glass of water instead. Super helpful for my health goals this year and it has worked every single time!!!"



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